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Welcome to the Home Page for the Institute for the Study of Complex Systems (ISCS), a research organization that specializes in evolutionary/functional approaches to complexity.

The director of the ISCS is Peter A. Corning, Ph.D., who is known especially for his work on the causal role of synergy in evolution, most notably in his book The Synergism Hypothesis (McGraw-Hill, 1983) and in two recent books, Nature's Magic: Synergy in Evolution and the Fate of Humankind (Cambridge University Press, 2003) and Holistic Darwinisim: Synergy, Cybernetics and the Bioeconomics of Evolution (University of Chicago Press 2005) Other work at the Institute includes a new approach to the relationship between thermodynamics and biology called "thermoeconomics", a new, cybernetic approach to information theory called "control information.", and research on basic needs under the "Survival Indicators" Program.

All of the papers included at this Home Page have previously been copyrighted in various print media, including (mostly) professional conference proceedings and scholarly journals. These may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without prior authorization. "Commentaries" by ISCS associates will also be posted from time to time. These will include more informal "op-ed" material (and some short items for various publications) on complexity and complex systems, including applications to contemporary economic, social and political concerns.















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